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About Us

Our Company

Energy Partners is a "Clean-Tech" business development company founded in 2002 by Dr. Nick Pietrangelo, an anesthesiologist and renewable energy pioneer, and Dr. Jim Wolter W9BWC, an Academic, Physicist, and New Product Development consultant.

Early work focused on doing solar PV-installations in West Michigan, nurturing a secondary battery Company start-up, and a University Renewable Energy Product Development Center.

When Dr. Wolter retired in 2010 from full time academic efforts he wanted to turn the company's focus exclusively to new, solar-product development and "not so much" on PV-projects, so the original partners separated to continue their unique interests and Dr. Wolter assumed the sole ownership of Energy Partners LLC and opened his laboratory as an incubator client of MAREC in Muskegon, MI.

Energy Partners now has several informal partnerships with very good development companies - whose foci are on:

  1. Magnetic materials,
  2. Electronic motor-generator systems,
  3. Advanced I.C. engine development including both piston, nutating, and turbine technologies,
  4. Advanced battery development, large scale PV-solar financing and installation, and
  5. Alternative fuels.

Ed Brandel (left) and Dr. Jim Wolter, W9BWC in the Energy Partners lab at MAREC

The Solar24™ story

Solar24™ was our response to the most often heard complaints about photovoltaic systems: 1. Solar Power is intermittent (clouds pass by etc.), and 2.) when the sun goes down - the power goes off. Of all the "treatments" considered to solve these inherent power quality problems, energy storage seemed a best starting point.

Secondary (rechargeable) battery development has consumed billions of development dollars in the past 25 years and most important to our interests, certain cell chemistries (NiMH and Li-based) for example, have achieved phenomenal success with literally billions of cells being sold each year at affordable prices.

Our roots in the rechargeable battery industry now go back over 25 years and during this time we have been able to evolve advanced battery control systems and gain high degrees of confidence and control over our battery cell suppliers. Solar24HAM will give you the latest, proven, energy storage and control options - no fly-by-night suppliers and no experimental cell chemistries.

Our initial offerings are limited to three choices (QRP, HF, and Shack-Level) of power levels in the energy storage and control modules for the balance of 2014. As a start-up we will need to finance an inventory of Solar24 modules before we become a significant supplier of PV panels but we are prepared to steer you to Solar Panel retailer/installer partners who we have solicited and qualified as "partners" - in time and with success we will begin to provide options for economical, direct-sale of photovoltaics to Hams. We are not prepared to buy full-container lots of PV panels either from domestic or international suppliers - but one thing is certain, with PV growing fast - the price keeps going down and the performance keeps going up and we plan on being a very good source of installed systems or "kits" for your convenience and electrical independence.

After looking at numerous options, we invented a new concept for which we filed a US Patent in 2011: DISTRIBUTED ENERGY STORAGE AND POWER QUALITY CONTROL IN PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS.

Admittedly, our focus on larger systems was a result of thinking of larger solar farms - but after more than a decade of hauling solar panels, batteries, inverters, charge controllers, and point-to-point wiring to my 40 meter CW station for Field Day - I realized how much more convenient it would be to take my one, integrated PV + battery + control Solar24 invention to field day and run a red & black pair of wires into the tent. So FD2014 was my inaugural launch of Solar24HAM.

So, fellow Amateurs, if you are on this site - you may have seen our September 2014 QST ad introducing Solar24HAM™ and we hope you will enjoy the benefits of our new product.

Whether Solar24HAM is your choice for Emergency Communications or casual portable operation, we are confident that our efforts to make an affordable and quality solar power supply can give you years of trouble-free off grid electricity - 24 hours a day.


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