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Solar24 Controllers

The Solar24™ solar power controller is the result of nearly 4 years of research and development. Using an advanced microprocessor, our controllers provide an array of unique features, rarely seen in a product in its price range.


State-Of-The-Art Battery Technology

  • Our controllers are designed to work with safe, long-lasting, high-capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.
  • The controller can be configured for use with Lead Acid batteries at the time of order. This involves adjustments to the controller firmware, and the substitution of some components on the circuit board.

Battery Health Management

  • The controllers monitor the status of your battery pack to ensure safe operation and maximize service life. If a defect is detected, the controller will prohibit charging to prevent damage.
  • Temperature monitoring protects your battery from (potentially catastrophic) damage in the event of overheating.

Load and Charge Control

  • The controllers will keep track of your load, available solar power, and the state of your batteries, and dynamically allocate power between your load and battery charging to maintain a desired level of charge.
  • Maximum Power Set Point (MPSP) charging maximizes charge efficiency and battery life.
  • Overcurrent protection is embedded in each battery pack and provided in a redundant electronic output load current limit on the board's power output connectors.

External Peripheral Control

  • The controllers include expansion ports, which can be used to interface with a variety of external devices, such as inverters, solar panel positioners, pumps, cameras, or any number of other applications.
  • The Model 1 controller provides one port, while the Model 2 controller has five.
  • An I2C interface to the microprocessor allows direct communication with the controller.
  • At this time, these functions need to be configured at the factory. User programming will be implemented at a later date. Contact us if you need this functionality.

Made in Michigan

  • All of our products were designed in our lab at the Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center in Muskegon, on the shoreline of Muskegon Lake.
  • Our printed circuit boards are manufactured by reputable supply partners in Holland, MI.


  • Solar panel: 21-22 volts open-circuit (VOC), 16.5-17 volts at maximum power point (VMPP)
  • Battery: Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) or flooded Lead-Acid
  • Load: 12 VDC nominal; maximum load 20A for S24-Model1, 30A for S24-Model2
  • Connections: Bare wire to screw terminals

S24-MODEL1-PCBSolar24 Model 1 Controller (max 10A charge, 20A load)114 mm75 mm14 mm55 g$69.950
S24-MODEL2-PCBSolar24 Model 2 Controller (max 20A charge, 30A load)178 mm105 mm25 mm155 g$169.950
S24-BP4040Wh LiFePO4 battery pack134 mm53 mm27 mm370 g$79.950
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